Spire Rules

  • designed by Dieter Stein
  • 2 players

Two players, White and Black, place their own colour or red, without making clusters of three.


The board starts empty.


On each turn, the player places a ball of their colour or a red ball. It can be placed either on an empty board hole or stacking on a 2 × 2 platform.

If a red ball is placed then the player must play another ball of their own colour in the same turn.


No single 2 × 2 square of ball locations may include more than 2 like-coloured balls.

Playing on a platform is only possible if the colour to be played is not already used twice in the base.

In other words: each and every small 5-ball pyramid may not include more than two balls of the same colour.


Players must place a ball of their own colour. If there is no placement available (in the beginning of their turn or after a red ball was played) the current player loses the game immediately.

Otherwise, the player who played his own colour on top (the spire ball) wins the game.