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Puzzles with Dominoes

There are two kinds of puzzles: blocking and capturing. The goal of the blocking puzzle is to slide all the dominoes into a rectangle, without sliding any matching numbers next to each other. Each problem to solve is a pattern of dominoes for you to start from, like this:

Blocking example

The goal of the capturing puzzle is to collect all the dominoes by sliding matching numbers next to each other. You can only move dominoes that either make a capture or add up to six. Here’s an example:

Capturing example

To try the puzzle, get a set of dominoes. Then either read the rules, or download the PDF. Along with the rules for my puzzles, I’ve included some puzzles and games by other designers. Choose the PDF if you want to print out pretty diagrams of the problems, like these:

Example problem and solution

On the rules web page, the example problems above look like this:

  3 1|2


and this:

5 2|4
2 2|6

The example problem and solution looks like this:

5 2|4   5 2|4     5 2|4   5 2*4
-       -         -       *
2 2|6   2   2>6   2 2<6   2 2*6

Donimoes is an original puzzle designed by Don Kirkby. If you’re interested, you can read about making donimoes. If you’re brave, you can read about experiments in progress (PDF).