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New Games and Puzzles

When I tell people that I like domino games, they are often surprised to hear that you can do more than just match the numbers. If you look in a book of games, often with Mr. Hoyle’s name on the cover, you might also find All Fives. If you’re lucky, you’ll even find Chickenfoot and Mexican Train.

This book is a collection of new games and puzzles for dominoes that will broaden your horizons beyond a chain of dominoes with matching numbers:

The book of rules includes problems to solve for each puzzle. The Blocking Donimoes problems are patterns of dominoes for you to start from, like this:

Blocking example

The Capturing Donimoes problems look like this:

Capturing example

To try the puzzle, get a set of dominoes. Then either read the rules, or download the PDF. Choose the PDF if you want to print out pretty diagrams of the problems, like these:

Example problem and solution

On the rules web page, the example problems above look like this:

  3 1|2


and this:

5 2|4
2 2|6

The example problem and solution looks like this:

5 2|4   5 2|4     5 2|4   5 2*4
-       -         -       *
2 2|6   2   2>6   2 2<6   2 2*6

If you’re interested, you can read about making donimoes. If you’re brave, you can read about experiments in progress (PDF).