SaVaGe Turtle

Use the Python turtle to write SVG files

If you’re using the Python turtle module to teach students, or you just like using the turtle module yourself, this library can save the images from a turtle script as SVG files. Experiment with your turtle code using the regular turtle or the Live Coding in Python plugin for PyCharm, then pass an SvgTurtle to the same code, and save it as an SVG file. If you want to produce other file formats, use svglib to convert the SVG to PDF, PNG, GIF, JPG, TIFF, and PCT, among others.


Install it with pip install svg_turtle. If you haven’t installed Python packages before, read Brett Cannon’s quick-and-dirty guide.


Once it’s installed, create an SvgTurtle, telling it how big to make the SVG file. Then give it some turtle commands, and save the file.

from svg_turtle import SvgTurtle

t = SvgTurtle(500, 500)

More Information

If you’d like to help out with the project, see the file in the source code.