Project Ideas

What should we build tonight, Brain?

Interested in working with me on a project? Here are some ideas for new projects that I’ve been thinking of starting:

  • Cosmic Ray - This is someone else’s project, but I’ve been meaning to try it out, and maybe contribute a mutator or something.
  • Chinese poems to read - Crawl the examples at and look for ones that use vocabulary I know.
  • Glitch Twitterbot - Try out Glitch with a toy project like a twitterbot. Looks at following relationships to find two influential tweeters where A follows B directly, but B follows A through n hops. Make a competition of it, and announce each day/week’s winner.
  • Geysers - Explorable explanation of how geysers work. @ncasenmare mentioned some libraries that help build explorable explanations.
  • BitTorrent visualization - Explain how the BitTorrent protocol works. Straight SVG using same tools as Chinese stroke order project? Maybe Processing.js? Straight HTML5 canvas? Live coding? Similar to
  • Board game tutor - Start with simpler games like 3D tic tac toe, generate problems to solve, and coach moves during play. Maybe use the tools at, palamedes-ide (dead?), or cadia player (C++). Check out some basic examples to start with. Is axiom an open-source version of Zillions? There are simple Monte Carlo Tree Search examples at Collaborate on Tavener and Browne’s AiAi.
  • nand2tetris - an amazing course that takes you up the architecture stack from simple logic gates, “nand gates”, through chip design, to the operating system, to an application, “Tetris”. I’ve completed the first half on Coursera. It’s also available from
  • Box2d demo - Follow the model of the Learn Git Branching tutorial, and live coding.
  • Text diagrams - Extend with the kinds of features in,, and Let the user embed UML diagrams in a wiki page and easily edit them. Also look at and Maybe even Umbrello. Maybe do game diagrams or piecepack diagrams instead to help publish game rules? Add attributes: title, caption, and script. Script contains code to draw more diagram.
  • Timer / Scorekeeper app - Different game timer styles, scorekeeper like Cribbage board, view score history and adjust, lose abilities as you run out of time, lose game when clock reaches zero. Handicapping features? Good example for pyqtdeploy, and maybe even emscripten-qt.
  • Logic Puzzles - Android app to publish puzzles from and, maybe add computer generated ones and a way to share your own.